Dental Care Ecopack

16,00 IVA incluído

This pack has been designed to care for the oral hygiene of the whole family. Our mouthwashes provide effective cleaning not only for the teeth, but also for the rest of the mouth. We use Sage or Thyme hydrolates, distilled from the plants harvested on our farm, to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Complement your dental care routine with the same flavoured mouthwash as the toothpaste. Enjoy a radiant smile and a fresh mouth with our eco-friendly dental care.

The ingredients of our products are certified organic, guaranteeing quality and respect for the environment.

This ecopack includes:
Presentation box. Free of charge.
Sage / Thyme Toothpaste 80 ml.
Sage / Thyme Mouthwash 100 ml.

*Click on each product to discover all of its properties and benefits.

At La Encantada Cosmética, we believe in the power of nature to care for and protect our loved ones.

With love and gratitude,
La Encantada Cosmética.


Our ecopacks are sent in a recycled cardboard box. Inside, apart from our treasures, you will find a message and instructions so that you can enjoy them to the full. There is also a gift for you – from the forest of La Encantada – a sprig of herbs! Which can vary depending on the time of year: rosemary, sage or thyme. We hope you can enjoy this experience!

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 22 × 19,5 × 5,5 cm


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