Ecopack Soul

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This pack has been carefully designed to harmonise your energy and take care of you. In these times, it is common for those of us who are sensitive to accumulate our own energies and those of our environment, which prevents us from staying centred and at peace. It is essential to free ourselves and purify ourselves of these burdens.

We invite you to perform a ritual of care and connection with yourself. Find a special space and take time for yourself. Light a candle, light an incense and start with the Rosemary soap to cleanse your body. At the end, use the bath to release any accumulated negative energy.

In your day to day life, we recommend using the Enchanted Water when you feel saturated. You can sprinkle it around your head and body or apply it to your hands, deeply inhaling its aroma before running it over your forehead and body. This special water is made with care and dedication, macerated for 40 days with flowers and herbs under the moon and sun. Its elaboration makes it a sacred instrument capable of purifying and blessing the body and spirit.

In addition, the flower bag is intended to be used in a ritual bath of beauty and abundance. Immerse yourself in this magical experience and allow the flowers to awaken your inner and outer beauty.

Inside this ecopack, you will find exclusive products that will accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and well-being. Let them be your allies.

The ingredients of our products are certified organic, guaranteeing quality and respect for the environment.

This ecopack includes:
Presentation box. Free of charge.
Discharge Bath and Auric Conservator 100ml
Rosemary Toning Soap 125 grs.
Flower Bath
Enchanted Water 125 ml

*Click on each product to discover all its properties and benefits.

You deserve this moment of connection and well-being with our special and enchanted products!

With love and gratitude,
La Encantada Cosmética.


Our ecopacks are sent in a recycled cardboard box. Inside, apart from our treasures, you will find a message and instructions so that you can enjoy them to the full. There is also a gift for you – from the forest of La Encantada – a sprig of herbs! Which can vary according to the time of year: rosemary, sage or thyme. The “Agua Encantada” and the “Flower Bath” are exclusive and limited edition products, only included with the purchase of this EcoPack, we hope you can enjoy this experience!

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 22 × 19,5 × 5,5 cm


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