Marigold Ointment

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Marigold ointment is the ideal product for all skin types, even sensitive and damaged.

Thanks to its healing properties, Marigold helps to regenerate tissues and relieve itching, giving hydration and skin protection.

Marigold ointment is the ideal product to care for the most sensitive skin, such as our children’s.

 It is made with 100% organic and certified raw materials.

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PROPERTIES: Moisturizing, healing, and relieves congestion. Calms and regenerates tissues.

INSTRUCTIONS: For all skin types, especially sensitive, irritated, and those of babies and children. Ointments can become more liquid at high temperatures as in summer, so it is recommended to keep them in cool places for better conservation. Apply on face and/or body, do not expose yourself to the sun immediately.

 INGREDIENTS: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil*, alba wax* , tocopherol, Citrus aurantium amara leaf / twig oil*, calendula Officinalis flower extract*, Simmondsia chinensis  seed oil*, linalool**, geraniol**, eugenol**.              *BIO ingredient                                                                                  **Essential oil allergen                                                               Our products have no chemical elements, no preservatives, no dyes, no scents, or flavors that are not natural. Suitable for celiacs.


♥ Marigold oleate, marigold flowers, treated from our agroecological crop, are macerated in BIO sweet almond oil first cold pressed for less than 40 days, extracting all the wonderful properties of this plant, which together with the sweet almond oil make an ideal blend for the most sensitive skin, such as those of our children.

♥ Jojoba BIO oil, It is the first cold-pressed oil with many properties as emollient, moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerating, and soothing which acts on the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and hydrated.

♥ Petitgrain Essential Oil, in addition to providing a  floral scent, fresh and very pleasant,  it stimulates the formation of new skin cells and is beneficial for all skin types including normal or mix.

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